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Personal Development Programs


Let your Children spread their Wings and Express themselves in their own unique way.

Public Speaking - Speech and Drama

At ‘The Young Studio’ we make sure that our students are trained to think out of the box and express themselves. The ultimate vision of our training is to help the child to develop self-confidence, improve their communication and oratory skills from a young age

Public Speaking

Be an effective communicator. At The Young Studio, we mould Students to express themselves convincingly and leave an everlasting impression on their Listeners. 

Public Speaking

Reinforce Grammatical concepts and widen your Child's approach to Vocabulary and the English Language. Enhance your Child's Prospects in the Creative Realm with Engaging, Interactive, and Enriching sessions with our Experienced team of Trainers.

There are two types of education. One should teach us how to make a Living and the other how to Live.

- John Adams

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