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The Young Studio Learning Academy

Why Choose Us?

At The Young Studio we put our Students first. We customize sessions to fit each Individuals natural talents and promote their Strengths and nurture their Weaknesses. Our experienced Trainers specialize in identifying and developing Key areas of Concern in Students by using enriching and engaging learning sessions to understand the Students deficiencies and areas of improvement.


Whether it be our Trademark Public Speaking - Speech and Drama Course, Spoken English, Foreign Language Courses, Chess Coaching, or Academic Development Programs, The Young Studio Learning Academy, helps anyone from the ages of 5 - 95 to stay FOREVER YOUNG

Our Trademark Public Speaking Course with Speech and Drama focuses on developing Confidence in speech, Body Language and getting rid of Stage Jitters. We accomplish this by allowing our students to experience a range of Spontaneous Ac
tivities like over here. Watch stills and practice sessions from our All-Inclusive Play - Anxiety is Orange (Written by Lindsay Price) here.


"Old Dogs Can't Learn New Tricks!" Break Old Stereotypes and feel young again with our Spoken English and Foreign Language Classes. Explore the rich heritage of the Arabic Lexicon Glide your way through smooth Phrases en Français or discover Precision and challenge your Abilities with German. Our experienced, native-speaking trainers have your back. 

Academics can be Overwhelming for both Students and Parents. Our experienced Trainers provide full Academic support with Class and Homework to give our Students the most Engaging and Intensive experience in the Classroom.

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